Mindtrek vs. MVV2011: Battle of the tweets


Edit: I’ve jumped the gun: the Markkinointiviestinnän viikot #-tag was changed. This is the new version. Note self: check the #-tag beforehand…

Everything seems to happen sporadically . This is also true in Finland as the Mindtrek event in Tampere and – aptly named two day event – Markkinointiviestinnän viikko (Week of marketing communications) in Helsinki coincide in the same week. Luckily one is able to follow both via twitter with the #tags #mindtrek and #2011mvv   (+  #mvv2011). Moreover we can visualize the conversations happening in both. Do they overlap, which event activates more people and conversation and who orchestrates the communication etc? In this picture I have combined the tweets of the two events (at 2.20 PM).

The two events seem to overlap but two distinctive groups are formed: Mindtrek on the left and MVV on the right. There are total 446 tweeters combined.  The size of the node represents the bridgespanning role of the person: the bigger the node the between the two groups tweets the person is. We see that   @vesilola, @pauliinamakela, @mindtrek_ and @arimarjamaki ‘s tweets connect the two events.

Looking at the two events separately we can detect the most mentioned people. The size of the node represents the amount of tweets received and the color of the node the persons activity in mentioning others.

In Mindtrek there are at the moment 187 different tweeters. @mindtrek_@vesilola are the most mentioned while @mindtrek is the most active.

In Markkinointiviestinnän viikot there are at the moment 289 different tweeters. @vesilola, @socialdistrict and @greenpeacesuomi are the most mentioned while @pauliinamakela and @eisoma the most active. The overall structure seems more dense than Mindtrek’s so there seems to be more going on in Helsinki.

This is a a snapshot of the situations. If you want to do similar analysis yourself instructions can be found in these slides. The tweets were gathered with NodeXL and visualized with Gephi.




3 Responses to “Mindtrek vs. MVV2011: Battle of the tweets”

  1. salla Says:

    The Greenpeace publicity loop in the corner looks like an interesting sidetrack. It was a reaction to Neste Oils presentation, and the tweets were apparently seen by many but not circulated onwards…

    • After a quick glance on @greenpeacesuomi‘s tweets I can make a guess: little interaction with other tweeters. I can also guess (and check it later) that many of #2011mvv tweeters don’t follow @greenpeacesuomi.

      • salla Says:

        And probably the topic is not so relevant to the MVV people either, at least to majority of them. But credits to Greenpeace for using the opportunity.

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