Eurovision Song Contest 2011 – tweets visualized


Eurovision song contest is a great example of networks: people tend to vote their neighboring country. In twitter one could follow and comment the pan-European event using the hashtags #eurovision, #esc, #esc2011 and in Finland #euroviisut. To a network analyst the @-mentions are the most interesting: who mentions whom. A tweet using one of the #-tags and an @name means a connection between two tweeters. Using NodeXL to retrieve the tweets (script here) from 1 hour before the final to the end of the voting and Gephi to visualize the dynamic structure of the network I came up with the following picture:

The size of the node represents received mentions and the darkness of the node represents activity of mentioning other tweeters (detailed picture here, see if you can find yourself with ctrl-f). Tweeters that didn’t mention anyone else are not shown here. @queen_uk (343 mentions received), @malena_ernman (81 mentions) and @bbceurovision (73) were the most popular tweeters. The most active tweeter was @davis3xm. Overall 64187 tweeters used the hashtag during the 4,5 hour period and 6378 mentioned someone else.

If we focus in the biggest connected network (2094 nodes with 3618 mentions) we get a clearer picture. This time the color represents the “community” of tweeters:

Pdf here.

twitter: jattipaa


EDIT: Finnish Eurovision twitter network

The Finnish tag #euroviisut attracted 840 tweeterers and had 619 mentions. The most mentioned (represented by the size of the node) were @jyrkikasvi (38 mentions), @johannasl (17 mentions), @euroviisut and @eskoseppanen (both 14 mentions). The most active mentioners (represented by the darkness of the node) were @oolatus and @kestinen (both mentioned 10 other. Here’s the picture and pdf.


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