Brand New Day – tweet conversations visualized


Brand New Day event in Brussels claims to be  where the question “What’s the future of brands and what kind of role does advertising play in it?” is answered. As usual, there is a twitter backchannel with the #BND2011 tag. Using this tag we can extract data from twitter and visualize the conversations. At this point I must note that I didn’t attend to the event, this is more of a intellectual exercise. A conversation happens when somebody RT’s someone or mentions someone using @-reply. Out of the 125 tweets 103 did mention someone else.

From the picture we can tell several things: the size of the node represents mentions the person/account has collected. We can see that @jessgreenwood is by far the most cited/mentioned person. The color of node represents how active the person was. We can detect @activelife was very active but didn’t get much replys. The thickness of the edge between two tweeters represents the amount of interaction between the two. Also there were two other conversation communities, that didn’t overlap with this main discussion.

What does this tell us? First of all, using social network analysis we can detect key individuals in the conversation even before the events takes place. We can detect conversation communities that may reflect different audiences the event has. The organizers can also detect key issues during the event. Ross Dawson explains this in more detail.


Network visualized using Gephi


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