Conan O’Brien communities visualized -teamcoco’s everywhere!


After nine months of extensive social media campaigning Conan has returned! This wouldn’t have happened without extensive fan base turned community. Conan’s team (the ones receiving paychecks and the couple of million of others)  has been using Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and Youtube to share and communicate their love for the ginger comedian.

But is the community really community? Do people within it interact or is the social media campaign really just a traditional campaign in new clothes? Using social network analysis one can examine the complex interactions that form communities. Using NodeXL to collect the data and Gephi to visualize the networks of the Youtube videos mentioning “teamcoco” and collecting the tweets containing hashtag #conanreturns. Instead of focusing on follower counts I decided to focus on activity: commenting videos and discussions with #conanreturns.

Let’s start with Youtube. In the picture is the videos that have “teamcoco” as a tag etc. A connection between two videos is formed when a commentator also comments another video or video is respond to antoher video. The bigger the node size, the more active commentators it haves.

The videos on left hairball are Conan videos. However, the videos on right side are videos of Jimmy Kimmel. There is an active community but it interlaps with Jimmy Kimmel community. More detailed view here (pdf).

The twitter discussion show more of a “broadcasting” structure i.e. people don’t have conversations. Most of @reply’s or @mentions are of @teamcoco and contain a single tweet. The bigger the node and the name label size, the more important the node is.

More detailed pdf. @teamCoco and @ConanOBrien are the most central nodes. No surprise there. If we focus on the main conversation and those who mention more than one person, we get this map:

Still, more of a one sided broadcasting than a conversation. But what you can expect with nearly 2 M followers.



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